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Icons and graphics by tiger_tyger

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icons and graphics for lj
Moderated membership
Unfortunatly due to hotlinking and generall ass-hattedness on the part of certain people, fluidic_icons has a moderated membership to try and filter out the kind of people who think that common courtesy is something that only applies to other people.
Just a few simple rules for this comm

*No hotlinking

Click HERE for more details about the rules and why they are there :)

How do I credit?
#Why was my request for membership turned down?

#Not all of my icons have credit. Is this a problem?

#What can get me banned from the community?

#All you have done is resize another artists work. Why should I have to give any credit?
Sample icons

These and many many more icons are inside :)
Interact !
Click HERE to leave a suggestion for a set of icons you would like to see.

Click HERE for the new list of sets :)

Do you have icons where you don't know who you should credit? Post them over at lostfound_icons See if you can't track down the makers of your favorite icons :)

Do you make icons about art, nature, religion or the holidays? You could try posting them over solar_dust



dream_icontest grafx_challenge icontest_lotr artfortnightly

Icon sites/comms

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Other reccomended icon communties and journals
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Any icon displayed on this Live Journal is a work of fanart that was created because the artist has an abiding love for the works of the original artists. The owner of this LiveJournal will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting said icons on this LiveJournal. The icons displayed here, which are not based on images in the Public Domain, are the intellectual property of their respective artists and were created within the boundaries of "Fair Use". They are available solely for the private enjoyment of the readers of this LiveJournal and may not be redistributed by any means.
If you feel that your copyright has been violated with any entry, please leave a comment. I try to use only Public Domain images or images that are licensed for making derivative works and to work within the boundaries of "Fair Use", but nobody's perfect. So if you feel I have infringed on your rights, please give me a chance to remove the relevant content. Thank you.

You can contact me by leaving a message HERE and I will get back to you asap to try and sort things out.
My win banners from various icontests
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