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straight and true

October 2013

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tiger_tyger in fluidic_icons

Contact post

Crediting is easy :D
Go to your info page. Go to the bit where it says profile and then click on edit user pics. Scrole down and you should get a list of all the user pics that you have loaded in at the moment. Where it says comment put "by [lj user=fluidic_icons]" (only replace the square brackets with the triangle brackets down by the letter M on your keyboard)

Contact post. If you need to talk to me for any reason or need to discuss anything on this site please leave a message here and I will get back to you as soon as possible :)


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I like that one too :) I'm turning down you request for membership at the moment because you dont credit the makers of your icons in your keywords. Add the credit as asked for above and then apply again.

Re: Will credit

Just click on join community on the info page and I'll add you so you can see the rest.
Triangle brackets are on the same buttons as the comma and full stop on a normal qwerty keyboard.
Glad you liked them :)
umm.. would you please tell me how can I find my own keywords and add you in there.. I really suck with using things..

How can I find my own keywords?

It's easy.
Go to your info page.
Go to the blue bar near the top and click on profile.
Click on edit user pics.
Scrole down to where it has pics of all the icons you have uploaded and in the box marked comments but in By fluidic_icons
Cool. Thanks for letting me know :)
Thank you :)
Yes :)
Go ahead and click on join comm and I'll add you :)
If you want to click on join fluidic_icons I'll add you so you can see all the rest :)
I've added you. There is a full list of all my sets on the info page which should make things a bit quicker. The only conditions I have for using the icons are, that you say the icons came from fluidic_icons at livejournal, and that if you take an icon where I have named the artist, then you need to name them too when you put the icons up and add a little line in encouraging anyone using the icon to credit the artist as well. Hope you find things that you like. Happy hunting :)
Added you :) Hope you like. List of sets is on the info page.
Added you. If you want to have a poke through my old sets, there is a list on the info page :)
click on join fluidic_icons and I'dd add you so you can see the rest :)
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