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straight and true

October 2013

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tiger_tyger in fluidic_icons

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Just a few simple olympic icons. Feel free to share them arround. Just don't hotlink them please :)


Grabbed # 2.. thanks.. will credit.
#2 rocks it shall be my msn display pic
Love #7. Snagging, thanks.
I was waiting for someone to make something like #2, will credit because I sure am using it.

Thanks for posting/making!
Snagging #2, thanks.
Snagging #3, thank you!
taking number 4 and will credit. thanks.
I'm taking no. 2, and will credit - thank you.
Love these! I have taken #3, 5 and 7 and will credit when used.

Thank you!
oh my... as a chinese person who understands quite a lot about chinese history.. I am quite offended by number 2 and perhaps 7.. I guess only the chinese understand..gosh. Dont get me wrong, you have *all* rights in what you make as icons, but since this is my country you are talking about, I feel the need to say how disappointed I am. Snagged the first one thanks I guess =)

Heads up?

I *know* you made some stuff similar to what heartlockedx has as a user pic, and her FO banner, and header. I just want to make sure someone didn't steal it and claim it as their own. I know you also posted how to instructions with it, so it's possible that this ISN'T your stuff...
Wanna make sure you get credit where it's due, since you're my favorite icon maker on LJ!
umm you spelt oppression wrong.