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straight and true

October 2013

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tiger_tyger in fluidic_icons


Unfortunatly so many people taking icons from here, hotlinking and not bothering to leave a comment, much less credit the site or the origional artists, that I decided to make this community friends only to try and filter out the kind of people who think this sort behaviour is ok. You will have to become a member to see the icons.


I only have a few simple rules for this comm.


*If you take an icon then leave a comment.
(It helps me to keep track of what kind of things are popular and what people think works well. Even if all you leave me is a list of numbers that you took it will be usefull).

(Words cannot express how much I will hate you if you do this! You will end up spoiling it for everyone if you do it)
(Oh yes, and you will look like an asshat)

*All my icons are free for you to customise by putting your name or text on it so long as it is not for comercial purposes and you give the origional artist or myself credit when you post it up as having made the base. (Whichever is appropriate)

*All my icons require credit of some kind, either to this comm or to the origional artists.
(I put a lot of time and effort into making these icons and a bit of credit in your keywords so that other people know where you got the icon is all I ask).

Click HERE to find out what kind of credit is apropriate for any icon you have taken :)

Crediting is easy :D
Go to your info page. Go to the bit where it says profile and then click on edit user pics. Scrole down and you should get a list of all the user pics that you have loaded in at the moment. Where it says comment put "by [lj user=fluidic_icons]" (only replace the square brackets with the triangle brackets down by the letter M on your keyboard)

Generally there are three types of icon I display here at fluidic_icons

type 1

These are made from public domain photos found on the web. There is no way to verify who took them nor does the person who posts them ask for credit anywhere I can see it, (think catalogue photos from a gardning website etc), so credit to the comm is best, so that people can find more icons in a style that appeals to them.

type 2

These are created from images from stock sites where the photographs have been licenced to make derivative works of art or be used by other people on the web. I try to list artists when I use these images. It is up to you whether you choose to credit them as well as the comm, as the photos are deliberatly presented for other people to work with. Any artists that have SS next to their name come from Shutterstock. Any with GI come from Getty Images.

type 3

These are created using another artists work. You should definatly credit the origional artist. (After all they did most of the hard work) If you also wish to credit the comm so other people know where to find more nice icons like the one you have, that would be lovely. I will always try to link back to an artists gallery or sales site if I can so you can apreciate the proper art work.

If I havn't listed an artist or photographer then it is because I don't know who they are for some reason. If anyone recognises and an artist who I havn't named then let me know and I'll amend the post. I have been kina lax lately on naming stock image photographers whose work I have used but I intend to make more of an effort from now on :) <3 and hugs to you all ^^
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so glad to see you back even if I get slightly depressed knowing i'll never be able to create stuff as good as you, BUT at least I can continue to look at your work and get ideas!
Welcome back, and I look forward to seeing the results of your new idea!
Hello! I fully agree with all of your rules, and I tried to join but got an error message saying that I was already a member of your community. The thing that confuses me is that I can still not see your icons if I'm already a member.

I'm sorry that I come bearing stupid questions (but I also come with a genuine admiration for your art. It's lovely! ♥).
I left a request. I hope you let me join your icon community, your art seems lovely :)
Hi, I would like to join the community since you posted to pagan_icons with some great halloween icons. I would like to view the halloween icons, but need to be a member of this community to see them. I do not hotlink. I list credit in my lj bio, or on a forward dated public post.
Hi, I'm just commenting here to find out if it's alright if I become a member, I've read through your community profile and I'm up to date on your rules. Just checking before I join if it's ok to do so =D
Yeah sure :) Click on join comm and I'll add you
Thank you muchly! xD From what I've seen of your examples. Your icons are amazing!
I was wondering if I could become a member? I really like your icons from what I've seen and I just wanted to verify that I'm up to date with the rules & crediting and such. (:
I've read your rules, and I plan to join. Thanks!
Added you. Have fun going through the entries :)
You're right, I had some much fun going through older entries! :)
Followed this from gothicicons Love to see more of your work.
Added you. Have fun going through all the icons :D
Hi. I put in a request to join and I hope I can. Erm, rules: to say I'm a credit fiend would be and understatement, I'm obsessed with tracking down artists and makers and attributing them so I can admire and use more of their icons.
I've added you :) Have fun going through all the older entries here. You could always try lostfound_icons if you have icons where you want to track down the maker/origional artist ^^
I will and thank you for approving! ^^